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Which game of thrones character would make the best start up founder?

Running a company with growth ambitions is a team sport. It simply can't be done alone. Learning how to inspire, lead and manage people is vital to success.

For tech startups salaries are the most expensive cost, but the value delivered by a team depends massively on it's leadership.

I thought it would be interesting to compare a couple of leadership styles to game of thrones characters...

Daenerys Targaryen aka Daenerys Branson (Dragon Queen)

  • Renegade that challenges the establishment, not afraid to break the rules.

  • Win's the hearts of the people through charm and flowing blond hair.

  • Strong ethics and believes in living by principles.

Cersei Lannister aka Cersei Jobs (Queen of the 7, or maybe 3 kingdoms)

  • Zero tolerance policy to well everything.

  • Obsessed with perfection.

  • Believes she is the centre of the universe.

John Snow aka John Musk (King in the North)

  • Believes in honour above power.

  • Obsessed with saving the human race (mars colony).

  • Never gives up no matter how many rockets explode.

Each leader has very different styles, however they also share many things in common, for instance excellent communication. They are completely clear in what they want to achieve, and they can pitch it to perfection.

I recently got taught a great lesson in leadership by Debbie Franklin. In short EEC Example, Effect, Consequence.It's a simple communicational tool.


Choose an example that highlights the subject. For instance in our company staff lateness. Clearly explain the issue. E.G. This whole month, there hasn't been a single day that everyone has been in on time.


This hurts team moral, and then everyone things it is acceptable to be late, the start time gets pushed back, before we know it no work is getting started until 9am, and the entire team is losing an hour of productivity, when there is a huge amount of work to do!


If you're late three times in a month you will be asked to leave the company. Simple, clear and fair.

I think each of the above leaders, will use this tool and a myriad of others in order to ensure their agendas are met!


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