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Watching a Start-Up Take Off

Drones are being featured heavily in the news, last week 'Maplin's Electronics' stated that sales of drones are growing by 300% per year. A very astute friend of mine Jono Millin predicted this trend almost two years ago and has been working hard on a start-up business, called Drone Deploy. Jono and his team began their journey by moving from the UK to join the San Francisco based accelerator program Angel Pad.

During the 12 week intensive program Jono and his team worked day and night. At the end they pitched to VC’s during a demo day. Drone Depoloy managed to get a collection of heavy weight VC firms interested in their service and successfully raised a funding round of $2,000,000 from the following VCs: SoftTech VC, Data Collective, DFJ, AngelPad, and Redpoint Ventures!

Now Drone Deploy has begun it’s mission to remove the complexity from unmanned vehicles, making them powerful, simple, and safe tools that can be used in a collection of multi billion dollar industries such as agriculture, mining, logistics and security! Although this is a company in it's infancy, it is one to watch...


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