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Getting to Four Million Users!

Edinburgh is rapidly becoming a technology hub. It has Europe’s most renowned School of Informatics and produces hundreds of talented programmers per year. It also hosts and anual technology festival Previous speakers have even included Steve Wozniak the co-founder of apple! The most recent Turing Festival also had some impressive speakers. I was keen to learn from Brian Doll ( VP of Marketing for GitHub () An online tool for software developers.

GitHub launched in 2007 and gained 40,000 users in their first year, today they have over 4 MILLION users! It's the growth that every online start up business dreams of, so how did they do it?

Mr Doll's simple formula is "Tell people what you are doing!" So many small businesses are developed and launched in secret. Before GitHub had launched they had posted 39 unique blog articles creating excitement and a buzz around the service they were developing.

In the first year of its launch GitHub published a whopping 280 blog articles! That's more than one blog post per week day...

Brain say they focused on a very niche group that form a well connected community. He believes that telling a story is the most powerful form of communication, and keeping in regular contact with your community is key! To read up more on this kind of community lead marketing grab a copy of Tribes (


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