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'You only have one life, don't forget to live!'

In 2007 to raise money for Cancer Research UK, Sam & 5 friends from school cycled over 1000 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats, together they managed to raise of £13,000.


To raise money for the charity Guide Dogs, Sam ran the London Marathon in 2010 raising over £2,000 in Sponsorship.

In 2015 Sam and two friends Ricky and Ben swam the English Channel in a relay team, raising more than £5,000 for the haematology department at Hammersmith Hospital. The swim was 34 miles and took 13 hours 14 minutes. The water temperature was 14 degrees and there were loads of jellyfish! 

Before turning 30 Sam would like to climb Mount Everest. Of the 11,000 people who have tried to climb the mountain, only 3000 climb attempts have been successful.

One day, Sam would like to see the Earth from Space and experience zero gravity.

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