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In 2010 while working in the property industry, Sam identified that online services for the real estate market would be a global growth sector during the 21st century. He went on to form Accendo Design Ltd with a friend from university. Accendo worked on a number of projects culminating in AdvancetoGO. was a rental property advertising website. It focused on improving the search interface for tenants. Making it easy to find a great place to live. After three months of development the project was shelved. is a website for landlords and letting agents that want feedback on properties from their tenants. It is currently live being tested by agencies. was designed to be an online property management tool for landlords. Launched in 2012 with 300 landlord users. Sadly it became apparent that advanced new features would be too costly to provide commercially. 

AdvancetoGO was launched in February 2013 and is an online advertising solution for private landlords that helps them find tenants UK wide.

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